Girl Guide Memories

To get an idea of how long I’ve kept certain items, I came across my little packet of Girl Guide memorabilia … really sweet memories actually. But apparently, I fell kind of behind in my duties as I had all these Pathfinder badges that weren’t sewn on to my Girl Guide sash. 🙂 Procrastination haunted me even when I was a Brownie (of the Pixie six — I’m thinking that was my ‘pack’)!

Amazing that I kept a record sheet of my Girl Guide Cookie Sales. Families rock in the being the best customers! My Mom was #1, my brother Kenny #2 and my Gramma #3. The icing on the cookie was the friendly reminder printed on each little cookie sales package:


  1. Girl guides are always courteous and smiling.
  2. Guides should wear their uniforms and be neat at all times.
  3. Be sure to collect money only when you deliver cookies. Do not accept tips. Be accurate and careful with money.

Brownie Promise
I promise to do my best
To do my duty to God, the Queen and my country.
To help other people every day, especially those at home.

The Brownie Law
A Brownie is cheerful and obedient.
A Brownie thinks of other people before herself.

The Brownie Motto
Lend a Hand.

Even back then, I was part of a community that cared for my well-being, and served to engrain morals alongside lessons of friendship, faith and integrity. What a fabulous introduction to my independence and success as an adult! I wonder how much the organization has changed since my childhood? Anyone care to share their own Girl Guide or Boy Scout memories or stories?

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  1. As a fellow Pixie ‘sixer’ it’s nice to find your Blog post!! I just posted a similar subject about Girl Guides here if you’re interested!!
    I will include a link to your post if that’s ok, as it’s a weekly Blog hop about life memories

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