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Here I am professing that I don’t need any more stuff, and what do we do and go? Spend money on something that wasn’t totally necessary. In my mind anyway, it didn’t seem like a required addition. But slaDE has been on the lookout for a high-rise truck cap ever since we started our journey. He has been convinced that it was exactly what we needed to make our storage and towing needs with the Airstream trailer all that more perfect and ideal. With this profession of desire, we’ve been looking diligently for the right cap throughout our travels, surfing the web, scouring Kijiji, visiting many a truck cap place for a topper that would serve our purposes (better than just the tonneau cover). Last Fall, we stumbled upon our current truck topper (it lies snug against the rails of the truck). It wasn’t entirely what slaDE had envisioned, but it would serve an additional storage place for our bikes with the extra height and access, whilst also protecting the boards we use to level our trailer from the elements. Over the course of 9 months, we both grew very fond of our the tonneau cover. The side flap compartments proved to be extremely useful for accessing items in the front of the bed as well as for providing so much more storage space than from the prior year of doing without. In fact, any new propositions less than ideal for our truck would be left by the wayside.

I felt completely satisfied with what we currently had but slaDE found an interesting match in Fergus at a truck cap dealership. We drove the hour to contemplate the possibility of its usefulness (the photos slaDE had taken left me dubious on the colour match), and with a surprising twist, I ended up convincing slaDE that the cap was perfect for our truck (albeit not silver as originally envisioned). Funny how things work out when least expected! And now we have extra storage space that allows for our bicycles to fit without having to loosen the handlebars to fit accordingly. Now slaDE doesn’t need to pack with the neat perfection of a jigsaw puzzle!

BTW, the silver tonneau cover is for sale if anyone is interested (fits a Dodge 2002-2008 short box). 🙂

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