easter Bunnies everywhere!

eager as a rabbit …. oh how this day brings back beautiful childhood memories of foresting through the mounds of plenty, searching for the elusive coloured eggs and Easter baskets scattered through the homes of our past. we were spoiled rotten with candy (i have the cavities to prove it!) and i thrived off the cre8tive, decadent talents of our mother who perpetually surprised us with new and novel places of hiding. she was (and still is, in many many ways) superb in her coy flirtatious banter which egged us on in my families hunt for the evasive treasures that exceeded beyond the physically sweet.

white chocolate … that was always my favourite. giant ears of a cellophane-wrapped solid non-organic full-fat bunny …. i swear, this one moment of discovery of the white yummy decadence excelled beyond almost ANYthing else in my childhood annals.

but not this Sunday … the sugary treats were reserved for my mother’s ‘grandchildren’ next door … three sweet little white-haired girls that have real live bunnies of their own hanging out in palatial cages. they were lovely though, sharing their Easter candy with both me and my stepbrother Patrick (PJ for short). today my tastes for chocolate are a bit more refined, reserved for organic dark cocoa treats of indulgence.

the afternoon was spent with family at a local Stratford hotel savouring a tasty brunch that had us rolling away from the table three hours after setting foot, several pounds lighter, at the tables filled with a vast array of brunch delicacies, Canadian style.

Forever smiling: my Mom Theresa, my stepdad Pat and my stepbrother PJ.

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