Creative Casting

What a busy day! Amy is, as of today, now considered “full term” in her pregnancy (meaning that if she were to go into labor now, the baby’s lungs would likely be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb). So you can imagine the excitement in the house, with so much going on beyond what any of their friend’s could imagine. Celebrating in this happy occasion was vitally important to us. And today, I wanted to be useful in any way that I could. After making a phone call to secure our new fridge, I could focus on the tasks at hand. Clean, clean and more cleaning, followed by a family photo session with Amy, Nate and Zan. Happy to be of service!

So when the boys decided to go longboarding with Tubbs, Amy and I casted her burgeoning belly with plaster of Paris. I found a pre-fabricated roll of the plaster strips at Hobby Lobby in a convenient pack called ‘E-Z Form Plaster Cloth Wrap’. I bought two rolls, uncertain as to how much we would need. Through the whole process, I found that one roll was enough, especially when using triangle pieces to mould over her beautiful bountiful belly. Much to our delight, the process went smoothly, evolving in to a truly magnificent form and shape. So happy to create a lifelong memory for Amy and her family (they have future plans to decorate the casting with their children — fab!).

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