Celebration and Remembrance, potluck style

A day of remembrance. The 11th day, at the 11th hour, the 11th minute … I hung my head in emotional meditation and commemoration, recognizing and paying homage to those that have lost their lives, making the ultimate sacrifice for their country and people. I feel embarrassed at my own shortcomings, noting their acts of unselfishness and dedication. However, I still feel VERY strongly about war being an unnecessary act of power hungry individuals who resort to (political and/or religious) violence with little or no thought put into acts of peace (which I believe are a necessity in our world and lives … we need solutions!).

I am remarkably happy to be hosting a dinner party that honours my friends on this day. A gathering of friendship, irreplaceable and fantastic. I was saddened by the inability of many to attend, but at a turnout of 14, we still managed to fill the house with laughter and warm memories.

The food was magnificent, the company spectacular, the conversations free-flowing and the laughter and love, priceless. Tsumi fared remarkably well in the presence of so many strangers. Her senses must have been overloaded. It was lovely to see her mingle and not be spooked by the new energy.

Suzanne summarized the evening best …. it was if we had rented a cabin for the weekend, amongst friends. The fireplace culminated the experience in warmth enveloping. Yes, life is blessed and good.

Sandy & Tad, Lisa and Mike x2, Blue & David, Aaron, Dad & Karen, Mom & Pat, Boz and Liv, Tanis & Puran, Glori, Rod, Joshua, Colin, Nick, Jag, James, Tanya, Jimmy T & Nancy, Jennifer & Eric, Deb & Peter, Marya & Scott, JoDee, Karen & Jeremy, Carol & Ed, Joey & Laura, Dwayne & Lisa, Anne & Brent, Kathie & Terri, Kelly & Marty, Sharon & James, Sherry & Brett

You were all lovingly missed and remembered on this day of memorial celebration. slaDE and I really look forward to our next chance to get together with you all and share in our friendship. Thanks for all of your kind well-wishes for our Calgary-bound journey this winter.

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