Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga GirlJust settling back into the swing of things and the normalacy of life today. Slade and I completed an incredible and intense 60 hour, 6 day yoga teacher training course yesterday, through Trinity Yoga.. Our Level 1 — the first of 3. The yoga course was so fantastically interesting, very revealing about who I am, and what I want from yoga (initially it was just to deepen my yoga practice, rather than to become a teacher). In a nutshell, challenging — physically, mentally, emotionally and yogic-ly. The greatest task for me was in standing up and teaching a group of people through a completely unfamiliar yoga ‘template’.

To top it all off, biking started off each and every single morning of the 6 days with a blast of cold air sheathing me like a bubble gum wrapper — tight and uncomfortable. The roads were slick with ice, and heavy traffic made me uneasy in my navigation. The average temperature last week was -20 degrees Celsius. This coupled with the long 12 hour days has left me completely and utterly drained (and trained :)). Throughout the week, I found myself getting up at 5am to do my homework and study — when we would get home the night before, I only had enough energy to make food for the next day, read a bit (falling asleep) before beginning the literal cycle all over again. Initially I couldn’t wait for the 6 days to be over. The third day (also known as hump day) was my turning point — I completely lost any and all emotional control. When I tried to speak through poses in front of my peers, I would break down and weep … a combination of fear, anger, anxiety and denial. But it did get better. I wouldn’t say easier however. We met some amazing people through it all. The connections were strong and intense. The bonds unbreakable. As for continuing through to my 200 hours, the next course that I am interested in (slaDE also perhaps?) is in Nelson BC. I think if I can get some experience guiding students (my coworkers) through a 50 minute yoga practice during lunch time a few days a week in the New Year, I will determine then if I will continue on as an instructor …. I am thinking that this is a path that I would like to follow. Especially if it provides an extra income and skill for when we start travelling! However, it’s not about the destination, but rather, the journey and experiences along the way.

I am so glad that I went home the week before last for Uncle Ralph’s funeral. I can’t buy that time, and work can always wait. The time away was so incredible in that it gave me the opportunity to spend quality moments with my family and friends. Under difficult circumstances, indeed, and emotional (i.e. even more tiring and draining), but still so worthwhile coming home for, being there for my Dad and also the other family that needed me and whom I needed to be with.

feetEven with the last few weeks off, I don’t feel rested at the moment. With both weeks being super busy, I am only finding that sense of peace and quiet today. slaDE~ went snowboarding this morning (departing at 6am — completely nuts, considering how taxing this past week has been!). However, I just wanted to relax before starting a week of work again tomorrow. I am grateful that Slade went and pursued his own passion today, giving me the space to just breath. He’ll love the snowboarding experience this winter I am certain. I was gifted beautiful cross country skis (through freecycle!) and hope to use them this winter. No downhill for me though. My knees took a pounding that last winter and I am trying to be very good to my body, listening to all that ails me in the aches and pains department.

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