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Day 3 of Alumapalooza:

yogaMorning yoga. Opening up the body, enlivening the spirit, gifting the world with light, love and energy. What better way to start our days at Alumapalooza? After our Yoga and Healthy Living workshop, participants of this glorious Airstream rally were excited about the prospect of morning yoga classes. I don’t know why I was surprised? Perhaps it was because I came to Jackson Ohio with no expectations and an open mind to any and all opportunities for spreading the yoga / yogaFLIGHT love. The response has been rather overwhelming, but I love how friendly and passionate my fellow Airstreamers are. I’ve discovered during this spectacular rally of like-minded individuals that we are all travelling down the stream of life, navigating our own way whilst crossing paths at times, in celebration, breathing, loving and living fully. Much respect given to those at Alumapalooza who might have been dubious about the benefits and joys of yoga and yogaFLIGHT. It’s all about the breathing, the ability to communicate, the trust in both yourself and for us as teachers, and the willingness to play. I was thoroughly delighted by the audience of younger children, pets and curious adults who joined in on the fun.

To those who attended, thanks for the joyous yoga-streaming extravaganza. It’s been an awesome adventure thus far!Our days seem to be incredibly full, attending various workshops, covering topics that varied from the health of our zip-dee awnings, the techniques behind the polishing, restoring and towing of our Airstreams as well as covering the journeys of talented artists, such as Bert Gildart, Michael Depraida, Kristiana Spaulding, Becky Blanton, and Alison Turner.

Many more interesting and talented people were discovered around the corner of every Airstream, and I felt that my social stamina was in need of recharging. So that we did, eating with a group of fellow Canadians at Cafe Verandah in downtown Jackson Center. Surprisingly, for such a small village with a population of 1500 people, the food marvelled that of any 4 star restaurant I’ve ever visited.



To top of our evening of delight, slaDE and I returned to the muddy Airstream rally fields in search of play whilst enjoying the opportunity of introducing Kristy and Sean Michael to this ‘crazy lifestyle and concept’ we call yogaFLIGHT.  Kristy and Sean are akin to Airstream celebrities with their amazingly viral and popular travel videos on their blog LongLongHoneymoon.


Sean spent some time interviewing us for a video episode, and managed to catch some great yogaFLIGHT footage in between the rain showers. Finding a dry patch of grass was truly lucky on this temperate clear-skied evening. Our Airstream adventures keep getting juicier with each new experience! Check out the LongLongHoneymoon‘s Alumapalooza 2010 video here.


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