Body bliss

What an incredible day of openings, new friends, opportunities and body bliss! yogaFLIGHT continues to expand in its horizons and experiential wonder. Such a new dimension of yoga for both yogis and non-practitioners who’ve not had the chance to play outside of their own solo practice. It’s such a thrill to see those new to partner yoga and yogaFLIGHT, as if it were their very first skydive. That sense of wonder and awe and newness. The look in ones eyes after returning feet to earth, completely and utterly entranced and exhilarated. As too like a skydive, describing the experience of yogaFLIGHT is such a difficult task. Easier to show than to define the experience. When someone asks me what  is the purpose behind yF? What a great question!  From my own experience, the practice of yogaFLIGHT is very therapeutic in that it allows gravity to help stretch the body and spine naturally, in many different configurations (upside down, sideways, …). yogaFLIGHT has the ability to connect people through play, body awareness, communication and breath, and  helps to build strength, balance, trust, confidence and flexibility in ones body, mind and practice.

The true meaning of Yoga is union — invoking the connection of breath and body movement. The meaning of Flight: a journey made through space and time.
yogaFLIGHT = allows for the essence of the individual to ‘be in the moment’ and in balance, through communication and connection, with another person. The ultimate in body bliss.

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