Brrrr, it’s cold out there today! -25 degrees Celsius (-12 degrees Fahrenheit for my friends south of the border). With the wind chill, it’s down to –38 at the moment.

I’m very grateful that slaDE~ is able to stay home today … The men placing Rebar don’t work in temperatures lower than –20 here in Alberta, as the chance of frostbite is too severe and the Union’s Workman’s Comp will not cover frostbite. Well, that left us with the day to play … And in the morning we headed to the Talisman Centre with Bill Atkey to attend a Deep Water Fit class. Bill is a dear wonderful soul whom we’ve had the honour of meeting through Jean (our sublet-tee, sort of, on our apartment). Bill is a wandering spirit, agile and young in mind and heart, who travels down to Mexico, without a schedule or agenda, every year. I hope to be like him when I’m his age … he’s older than my grandfather!!

The Water Fit class was SO much fun. I think that it was a novelty to have a man in the class, let alone two. It was hilarious trying to fit slaDE~ with a floatation device that kept his head above water. In the end the instructor had to put two on him, as his muscle mass is so dense, and he sinks like a bullet otherwise. Many laughs were had in the hour class. Seeing Bill giggle with delight is a true pleasure to behold.

After a long soothing soak in the hot-tub, with a scorching steam room session to follow, we made our way for Vietnamese food, which Bill happily treated us to. I’ll be sure to reciprocate with a few more gym passes before he heads south to visit his friends in Mexico.

A luxurious afternoon was spent browsing through 2nd hand stores for winter work clothes and to end the evening, we watched our favourite television programs, so missed during the Christmas break.

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