Anticipation and appreciation

I’m hung over and quite drained from yesterday’s and last nights escapades. Today would be a good day to rest, veg by the pool, contemplate the enormity of our day tomorrow {I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited / nervous / scared / exhilarated at the the thought of skydiving and then scuba diving in to the vast ocean / Blue Hole}, and just be, enjoying the moment on a vacation that will forever be etched in my memory and record books.

Rock on Boogie in Belize. May there be another in Belize’s future. But with Rich Grimm opening up a new drop zone in Oceanside, California, the chances are slim (quotes Rich) that there will be a Boogie in Belize in the near future, if ever again. The landing area is small as it is, and with the growth of new businesses and accommodation, the current landing area may disappear within the next few years. This leaves few options for the Boogie, as past attendees have known. I’m relishing what we have now, and loving our 3 weeks of dream vacation. Heaven (apart from the odd hiccup).

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  1. I’m sad that I missed out this great boogie, but I heard such great things about the boogie in Uruguay (a destination that is certainly already on my list)…so maybe that will take the place of the Belize boogie.

    Miss you guys. Great blog.

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