Another one bites the dust

What is it with me and cameras?
This morning I wanted to take a photo of the new gloriously red stargazers that slaDE gifted to me a few days ago. Seems like I’ve had a flower to fill my vase(s) the past few months. Very unusual … flowers now and then, yes, but what a gift, to have these beautiful flowering beauties in our kitchen (and somehow slaDE~ even managed to find a sunflower! My favourite :)). The snapshots captured of these flowers in bloom have been the highlight of my latest camera cre8tivity. So when I went to photograph a few shots before work, I was completely dismayed to see that my Sony Cybershot was malfunctioning. Oh no, the camera demon strikes again! What is this … camera #3??

Well, last Thursday I was taking photos for Sexual & Reproductive Health at an In-service, held at the local Dutchman Club. I handed over my camera to the Facilitator to capture a few action shots whilst I was busy taking minutes. Somehow, he managed to jar the lens shut (and I didn’t notice until now, as I haven’t used the camera since). Did he drop it, I wonder, without telling me? Last time I borrow my camera out. Looks like we’ll have to buy another one. Ugh!

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