An afternoon spent at the park: Olympic Park, that is!

Olympic Park, Calgary ABToday we decided to leisurely enjoy our Sunday, running errands and picking up a few Freecycle items. It so happened that we ended up on the west side of Calgary, out by Olympic Park …. neither of us have really had the chance to explore the area, so we drove through the park (conveniently on route to where we wanted to go), which meanders steeply alongside the ice track used for Bobsledding and Skeleton races. At the top of the run, we watched a Competition in motion … Skeleton riders were racing their slickly clad bodies like human bullets down an ice luge, reaching almost freefall speeds. And they say Skydiving is dangerous? I think not compared to this … at least with Skydiving, we have time to react when things hit the fan. When your face is inches from ice, life is rather perilous I would think?!

We were so engaged by the venue and events going on that we decided to book ourselves on a tandem joy ride … here’s how it’s described on the Canada Olympic Park website:

Take a ride on the wild side this winter and experience the “Champagne of Thrills,” with a public bobsleigh ride down the Olympic track at Canada Olympic Park. Our experienced drivers do all the work. All you have to do is prepare yourself for high-speed banked corners, blinding straight-aways and speeds approaching 120 km/hour on our 1,500-metre ice track. It’s sixty seconds of pure adrenaline that you’ll never forget!

Skeleton Racing Competition

Olympic Park Track, Calgary ABWe are both so very excited … slaDE~ , if allowed, will wear my skydiving video helmet, with camera, to capture the ride and therefore offer up our own footage (on YouTube, of course) …. It’s almost as expensive as a Tandem Skydive, and probably just about as much fun!

This really made our Sunday (especially after discovering that March 4th is the last weekend of the season to participate, until next winter)! And we are very very psyched for the day.

Skeleton Racing Sleds

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