still healing and grateful to be flitting along

a year ago today … my wing was dislodged in a flurry of gusts and feathers. yes indeed, i fell, far from being graceful. but yet i survived, with as much gratitude and grace as i could muster. i couldn’t have done it though (so sucessfully, that is) without my beloved partner. he was there when the pain was far beyond bearable. he kissed the courage back into my spirit and melted the aches with his love and patience and kindness.
GRATITUDE and servitude … the way of the world, the steps to happiness.

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  1. hi…

    not really a comment on this particular entry, just a guy from illinois who spent a good deal of time at an orphanage in paramos, found your stories interesting, really interested in knowing if you had contact with a man by the name of Victor Barbella whom runs a large orphanage and also a rehab on the outskirts of paramos… anyway, thanks for sharing, if by any chance this is the same orphanage, contact me at ewcrone@yahoo, would love to hear how the kids are

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