Recovering and Shifting

After a complete day of pure adrenaline, flight and fancy, I was in desperate need of grounding and connecting with myself. To find stillness in the gentle breeze which shape-shifts around and through me, my state of calm quiet solitude spiked with epiphanies of glee from yesterday’s adventures. It’s interesting to return from a place of pure epic proportions, and find normalcy in the humdrum of everyday living. Not to say that our time in Belize is like any mundane day. Quite the opposite, truly. But life continues on in both the quiet and bawdy moments, regardless of the where and how of the world surrounding me. The sun persistently rises and sets, and the wind continues to playfully flow with the ebbing and surging tides. It is within such a place that my inner child endeavours to find silence in the in-between moments, enjoying the bliss of the effervescent sun, surf and sand of Belize. Before I know it, we’ll be back in our Airstream, planning out the next stages of our journey, navigating the unknown as it unfolds in amazing and sometimes confusing new ways. As our journey sculpts wondrous new routes, I am continually surprised by the roots we are planting, along with the growing community we are building. It’s remarkable to see how life is shifting and shaping when the mind and heart is open, regardless of our destination or stops along the way.

To avoid the bends after scuba diving, one generally should wait a minimum of 18 hours to off-gas excess nitrogen in the blood before skydiving or flying (or climbing to any altitude of note). This meant standing down for the morning and early afternoon before even considering making any skydives. This being the last day of the official Belize Boogie, it was truly serendipitous for our friends Dave and Kelly Henderson to show up just in time for the last load to go up, also coinciding nicely with the allotted waiting time for us to jump after scuba. The winds were still a bit too brisk for my liking, so I stayed on the ground with Kelly (savouring in a final water taxi ride to the landing area) whilst both our hubbies enjoyed the view from 14,000 feet. slaDE~ opted to film David’s tandem, and from the look of the jubilant excitement reflected in both of their smiles upon landing, much joy and happiness was had by both. What a fabulous way to end of skydiving adventure on this beautiful Island! So much love and friendship. Astounding.

Saying goodbye this evening to those we have laughed and skydived with was far tougher than I expected. Europe seems a whole lot more distant than the American and Canadian states where many friends currently reside. I’m feeling very blessed that Richard Grimm provided us with the opportunity to mingle and participate in this organized European boogie. We feel very much loved at this time (especially having been gifted with a canopy flying Belizean carved man which we have fondly named ‘The Bobby’).

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