Ever have one of those moments where you start to panic, thinking “Where in the world could my …. be?”. I had one of those over the past few days.

First, it starts with: “Hmmmm, where did I put my … ?”. Then it quickly becomes: “I just had my …., but where did I put it?. A sense of dread sets in and the thoughts: “Did I leave my … in the photocopier for the whole building to stumble upon it?”. Or “Did it fall behind the massive immovable desk that I place all my paperwork and documents on, at work?”. With mounting anxiety: “What if I did misplace it and someone decides to use it. Will I now have to cancel it and report it lost / stolen?”. And finally in alarm overload: “This is going to be such a pain … an Ontario ID, in the middle of an internal heated debate, deciding whether to switch everything over vs maintain an Ontario identity.” Ackkkkkkkkk …..

This morning I started over, took a calm breath, looked through all my pockets (after tearing the house apart twice last night), and found the lovely shiny blue Trillium-stamped Ontario Driver’s License in my sweater pocket. Wow, what a difference a few hours can make in one’s state-of-mind ;).

Ohmmmmmmmmm, all is good again in the world of sKY:: and slaDE~ …..

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