Adventures in my Ryn Rocker Shoes

What a funny day today. I wanted to try out my new RYN rocker shoes. I was super excited to finally have my shoes as the process of actually deciding to purchase the Ryn shoes over a pair of MBT rocker shoes has been about 6 months in the making. However, with Ryn offering shoes at almost 1/3rd of the price (normally $295 but discounted to $119) with no tax and free shipping to Canada (with no problems whatsoever at Customs), how could I resist such a fabulous deal?

The size I initially ordered seemed to fit too large — the sizing is unisex and the toe box is extra wide, so as to accomodate a male foot. Realizing the quandary of buying shoes online (not knowing exactly how the shoe will fit until you receive it), I reordered the shoes, a 1/2 size smaller. Smaller than my normal shoe size, 5mm smaller from the current seemingly extra large pair I first ordered. Having received the smaller sized RYN walker, I decided to give them a good try with walking the 2 hour distance to my medical appointment. Somehow in the shuffling of shoes, I managed to mix up the sizes. About an hour in to my walk, I realized that the left shoe was feeling remarkably different than the right. My left foot was starting to feel squished and tingly whilst the right foot was joyful and carefree, wonderfully comfortable. I stopped to massage my left foot (I still had an hour left in my journey) and took note of the shoe size. I continued shortly thereafter on the rest of my hike, arriving right on time at the medical establishment. It was only when I had to remove my shoes for my doctor that my hunch was confirmed. My right foot sported a 260 Korean sized RYN walker (Women’s size US 9) whereas my right foot was housed lovingly in a 265 (size 9.5). Ack! I had somehow worn one of each of the new shoes. Truly, NOT my intention! However, it was an incredible lesson in measurements and proportion. Had I gone with my instinct to keep the smaller 260 shoe, I would have been heartbroken by their uncomfortable sizing over time. Even though the larger shoe seemed too big, in fact it was perfect (although roomy) for my purposes. I love to walk! And if I can spend hours roaming around a city in comfort, who cares if the shoes look and fit like a huge beast. That’s just the way my feet roll. They’re large, long and ever so loved. Deal with it. 🙂

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  1. Hi,
    I’m trying to find Ryn shoes in Calgary, no luck so far! Where did you get yours from?



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