A New Arrival

The day had arrived. Time for us to hitch up our trailer and make our way north. Our friend Amy has been on the verge of giving birth for what seems like forever :). And just in the knick of time for our departure, little Beckett Miles Wernig was born.

The beauty of being Camping World members is having the ability to drop our trailer in the parking lot of their stores. Having the freedom and time to travel sans Aurabella without paying for a night at a campground is indeed liberating. In this instance, we could leave the Airstream in the lot for the evening, giving us an opportunity to visit Amy, Nate and the baby at the hospital. Fabulous! There is something so vastly incredible and precious in holding a baby on their first day of life. So innocent and vulnerable.

Having the flexibility to divert our plans for a day is awesome, especially in instances like this when life has its own schedule.


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