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Today begins my shiftwork at the CNE  (The Canadian National Exhibition). Several weeks ago, Skydive Toronto approached us to see if we (slaDE and myself) wanted to work during the 18 days of the Ex. With slaDE going back to work with Rebar, I felt that it was vitally important for me to also add to our financial coffers while we’re stationary …. what a brilliant fun opportunity! Eighteen days however? Let’s see what’s available on the STI schedule first. I am uncertain as to how I’ll do standing for such long periods with being so used to sitting on my butt all day when at the computer. This opportunity will be a nice and much-needed change for me, getting me outside, meeting people, having fun. I’ve forgotten what it means to be social :). Because I’m a bit concerned lately regarding long periods of sitting and standing, I felt it was important to do some proper research on ways to improve my circulation (ideally I’d buy myself a standing desk). There have been many studies showing that sitting for hours can actually shave years off one’s life. Egads!!!

This tip from the Livestrong website appears to be quite valuable:

If you must stand or sit in one position for long periods, set a timer on your watch to remind you to move around every 30 minutes to assist circulation. When sitting, elevate your legs, if possible, and avoid crossing them at any time.

Personally, I use an application on my Mac called ‘Unwind‘. Unwind encourages me to take regular breaks from working at my laptop, utilizing a simple countdown timer which then launches my computer in to an automatic screensaver with gorgeous photographs and succulent sweet music. Personally I set the clock for usually 45-60 minutes, specifying a 5-10 minute break time. This really seems to work well for me (if I remember to activate it, that is).

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