December 2020
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Wind Beaten

Holy wind! The drive north through Oklahoma and Kansas, right through Iowa and to Illinois kicked our butts gas mileage wise. Not only has the price of diesel skyrocketed, the winds continuously throttled our trailer, crosswind for ¾ of the journey. Compared to our average fuel mileage towing of 18 mpg, we averaged 15 mpg […]

The Twilight Wernig Zone

Welcome to the Wernig zone. Once you enter, you’ll never want to leave. This earth isn’t real, all this is a mirage. Or so it seemed. We were invited to join Nate, his wife Amy, their daughter Zan, Dayna and a gathering of other friends for a pasta dinner unsurpassed in its deliciousness. Nate LOVES […]

Nothing like home

The weather was miserably cold and rainy from the day’s beginning, and the beer light was turned on quite early, considering all the tandems had been turned away and most skydivers had either packed up shop to go home or had declined to even show up, with the carry-over from yesterdays shifting weather front. Another […]

Gastronomical Delights

Our last full day with visiting our friends Patrick and Ann Egan here in Sarasota. And the adventures continue! Morning yoga enlivened our waking bodies before attending to a piece of citrus heaven.

We made a trek out to Mike’s homestead (Patrick’s brother) … 10 acres of burgeoning citrus trees waiting to be plucked […]

Life is a Beach

More beaches to explore with Siesta Key and Turtle Beach … parasailing, shell collecting, siesta fiesta (afternoon power nap), tube dude searching, Thai food savouring. All with the great company of our friends. It’s been an amazing week, and I’m somewhat sad to leave! Having an open invitation leaves me satisfied that more exploration and […]

Skydiving memories

Interesting how years can pass since seeing an old friend, and when meeting up by chance, it seems as if time has stood still somewhat.

I had this experience today. I ran in to an old time skydiving friend from my packing days at Lake Wales. We’re going back 15 years +. We’ve had no […]

High rolling in Orlando

slaDE~ and I met Said Ismail about 6 years ago at the Wind Tunnel in Eloy Arizona. I was recovering from my injured wing, and had yet to get back in to skydiving, for fear of not being fully healed. The prospect of testing the strength of my shoulder was tempting with […]

Creating New Beginnings

“We build too many walls and not enough bridges.” ~ Isaac Newton

“Love builds bridges where there are none.” ~ R. H. Delaney

Who said that you had to build just bridges in order to create new beginnings?? Today, slaDE and Michael built a ramp for our newly-minted Canadian friend Minna. It was incredible to […]

Being Where We Need to Be

For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its restless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? ~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

An emotional day of […]

Bill: Moments of true happiness

One brilliant thing about Summer being over is the fact that our dear friend (my boyfriend) Bill is not as busy with his travelling nomadic ways and hence is available to spend more quality time with us / mE! Oh what a blessing. In the case of Bill, 80 something is the new 40, except […]