My Go-To Friend

A challenging day for slaDE and myself, and our sense of patience and communication. I spent a good portion of the evening last night holed up in the cubby, shifting and organizing, trying to rein in the loose items as best as I could. But today, hubby and I clashed about my definition of containment. Although everything was basically boxed or bagged, the items were not necessarily as neat, tidy and stackable as the first round of yesterday’s entire collection of rubbermaid containers (which numbered around 40). The rest of both Aaron’s (my sister) and my stuff was haphazardly boxed, bagged or contained in a cube box or suitcase. slaDE had a vision of how he would help me. I differed somewhat in that perspective of the process of elimination. Trust me when I say that I understood how HUGE it was for slaDE to donate his time and effort in to transitioning my belongings from the basement to the barn — envision the birthing of all of my worldly stored possessions though a small hole in the wall, carted up the 20 stairs to ground level and in to an awaiting trailer, only to be offloaded and piled at the other end. I was there in the Part 1 of said process yesterday. His patience and love was unwavering and greatly appreciated. However, the conflict arose whilst I was knee deep in the muddled mess of the cubby. Tired, dusty and painfully aware of my knees and lower back, I was anxious and eager to finish the task at hand, no matter how many small trips were needed. ‘Just get me out of this claustrophobic dust hole!!!’ were my persistent thoughts. And although I believed that I was well-organized, I was drawing short on the concept that: the smaller the containment, the more the effort. So after a cool-off period for us both where I emptied and carted the jumbled mess to the awaiting utility trailer, slaDE returned to help me finish off the last of my relocation. Bless him, kind soul that he is! The truest of friends is there throughout the muck and the mire. Empty at last! Although my process has just begun, the vast void space of the cleared out cubby was a giant step towards the cleansing of my life.

Do you have a go-to friend that will be consistently there for you, through the bad and the ugly times, even knowing that those situations could stress and strain the boundaries of your friendship? I am so blessed. I have that go-to-friend, in my best friend and husband.

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