September 2020
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Excess Baggage

MAC electronics

Now that my husband and I have made firm plans on a trip to Spain (we leave in under a week!), I am debating what to travel with on our 9 week trek to Europe. I’m trying to travel as light as possible, which is quite challenging when trying to factor in such electronics as […]

Fashionista, I Am Not

Funny thing happened in our temporary transition from Airstream life to apartment nomads …. I forgot a few significant props so necessary for participating in the plethora of Christmas parties available to us this season. I neglected to bring along dress shoes for the lovely skirts and pants outfits I diligently transported at the beginning […]

RV Dehumidifiers

With Ontario summer comes hot humid weather (or so it is at the moment!). Humidity and trailers don’t go together so well. Alas, comes the issue of humid closets and clothing. With moisture in freshly washed clothes comes a not-so-fresh smell several days later. So in order to tackle this, we needed some sort of […]

Pelted On

The last week has featured such brilliant sunny weather, apart from a brief thunderstorm on our last evening of Alumapalooza, that the flood of darkness that quickly encompassed us with hail the size of a dime took me by surprise. Ohio is known for its extreme fluctuations in weather which could change in a heartbeat. […]

Fantastic Fans

We spent a good portion of the morning trying to figure out whether our Carlisle tires were covered under the 2 year warranty, and then sourced out a dealer that could adjust our current tires under said warranty with new tires (still undetermined until our chosen dealership, North Gateway Tire, looks at the tires). I […]

Healthy Living on the Road: Alumapalooza Workshop Notes 2011

As promised, here are the notes from our Healthy Living seminar at Alumapalooza 2011. We had such a great time at the seminar, offering tidbits on healthy lifestyle choices one can make (which we personally try to live by in our daily lives). I truly hope that you find some useful information here (Airstreamers, non-Airstreamers […]

The Accumulation of Stuff

All I can say now is: wish me luck! Our time for the cubby restructuring is slowly nearing completion. Yet although the end of my monumental organizational task appears in sight, it is still a distant stretch from the completion of all my belongings being sorted, packed away and returned to the cubby storage space. […]

Hard-hitting Alternatives Needed

After opening up the truck doors to my Father’s Chevy farm vehicle, the suppressing and triumphant chemical + dog smells exuding through the orifices of its openings almost knocked me over for dead. After a night of eco-friendly odour blockers, the smell of Febreze remained stubbornly intermingled with the sickly smell of wet dog. Time […]

A Foul Wind Bloweth

Living on the farm at Dad’s is always a pleasure and a true treat to the senses. Connecting with nature and the beauty that exists within the countryside is surreal and amazingly grounding. Earth Mother at her finest. But I must admit, the tranquility and calm that is normally associated with country living is not […]

Project Laundry

There’s something about hanging out my clothing on the line, a beautiful day shining love and the natural bleaching goodness of the sun down upon my deepest of secret pleasures. Who could imagine being overjoyed at the thought of hanging laundry? I for one. Something about using Nature’s element to its fullest potential gives me […]