I’ve been informed today that the Guatemalan postal system is completely unreliable and corrupt, and that receiving or sending any articles in the mail can not be counted on, unless sent or received through a public service such as UPS or Fed-Ex. Because of this small tidbit of information, I’m not too sure about how many post cards I’ll be sending, but I’ll do a bit more research before I make any such decisions. I may send a trial few and see how many get through before following with others. I’ve also been told that any post that does get through can take up to 3 months in arriving at it’s destination. I’m really rather disappointed by this as I love to send messages in the handwritten form. If sending me a parcel of any sort, please could you send it via some sort of express service? I know that’s asking A LOT, but I’d hope to receive any well wishes myself rather than have the corrupt system somehow acquire anything sent with love.

Thank you for all your lovely email responses and thoughtful words of encouragement. It means THE WORLD to me!!

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