yoga … a fresh start

I awoke to the ‘snap, crackle pop’ of firecrackers exploding in the streets … I was somewhat disoriented, not knowing what was going on, and curious as to whether this was to be a typical awakening to my life in Guatemala? At first it sounded like brief but sporadic splashes of lightening, and then with more wakefulness, they sounded like either fireworks across the city or the crack of a multitude of rifles blazing in symphonic ineptitude. At 6:15am I stumbled out of bed to contemplate my yoga practice anew … my understanding thus far in my 1+ years of yoga practice: injuries suck and have a tendency to set me back greatly. But with strength and candour I approached my dirty well-used mat, determined to advance my practice with caution and awareness of my body’s weaknesses, strengths and needs. I feel like such a beginner all over again! My concentration wasn’t too bad, considering all the ‘kabangs’ going off around me (l8ter I found out that this is typical of the highly commercialized ‘la Festiva de Medres’ = Mother’s Day) and the blaring sounds of music from all corners. It felt good to stretch and breath … my shoulder isn’t doing too bad considering the lugging of baggage everywhere with me the past few days (thankfully and gratefully I had help from many lovely people … slaDE~, the staff at NPH, my bus and taxi drivers).

Last night it felt so wonderful to unpack my 2 small bags, tidy my surroundings and have some semblance of order and structure to my space. The best thing … I have my own room in my homestay, and currently I am the only student in the house! I think that having to share a room for a year may prove to be an awesome challenge at the orphanage, especially with me used to having my own space …. Mutual room occupation reminds me of my university dorm days. I’ve learnt over the years that my personal space is incredibly important to me (unless of course I live with a partner, and then that space becomes one where everything blends into a happy harmonious union). I think that I’ll have to find a quiet space within through my yoga practice when at NPH … 350+ orphans and a small little house of 8-10 volunteers will give me anything but!

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