X-Rated Mediocracy

I was so excited at the prospect of going in to the “Everything About Sex” trade show, being held at the Ex in Toronto. What a novel idea! Or so I thought it would be … but it turned out to be an over glorified sex shop at the pricey cost of $40 admission for us both.
What a shame .. It could have had so much potential!

We weaved our way through Toronto traffic, finding ourselves at the Panasonic theatre, hoping to catch last minute good tickets for “The Blue Man Group”. Again, disappointment. The seats were at the back of the hall … and at $59 a pop, we would wait for front row poncho seating. We have until January 2007 to enjoy slaDE~s anniversary gift to me, before the show closes up shop, earlier than expected for the city. Not enough interest?

At least our succulent lunching experience at ‘Spring Rolls’ Thai restaurant made up for the days accumulated disappointments.

Spending the rest of the afternoon and evening with Liv and Boz finished off our spectacular weekend with a lovely spirit of friendship and coupledom. (watching Desperate Housewives together made sure of that … but also made for a late arrival back home).

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