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The Eco-Wedding: saving the Earth, one vow at a time

In my research, I have discovered that the average cost of a North American wedding is $27000. WOW! No wonder so many couples are eloping either locally or with an exotic destination in mind. Why pay such an exorbitant amount of money over 1 day when one can have a luxurious honeymoon on top of the wedding for a 1/4 of that price (or less, depending on how frugal or extravagant one might be)? I can only imagine the amount of waste generated by that kind of venue.

We’ve decided that the ‘theme’ behind our wedding will be to generate as little waste as possible, all the while supporting local and organic vendors.

Aspiring to be a role model for other eco-friendly events, we hope to lead by example, revealing to our family and friends that ‘green’ living doesn’t have to be a difficult or painful choice (kudos to the many attending who already live by eco-friendly principles). We all benefit when making healthy, fulfilling and sustainable choices: organic, environmentally friendly and supporting the local community. In my own opinion, our August 22 wedding is not only a celebration of our love and union, but also an honouring of our beliefs and values. And to be able to share in these is truly remarkable and joyful.

The website Organic Grace puts it best:

Our quest to create a healthier environment for our family and friendsreminds us again of our interconnectedness to our planet. When we remove the harmful chemicals from our own lives, we stop supporting the dumping of these poisons into our eco-system. Buying organic, or living a less toxic life, is not only a loving act towards ourselves, but towards the planet as well.

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  2. Loved this!

    I love that you are having such a symbolic wedding!

    I was also excited to see you quoting the OG site, I knew you would dig it! Speaking of OG, E’s new organic, chemical-free mattress came today. I am so excited to set-up her new bed!

    See you next week!

  3. Re: green alternative to disposable cameras

    Thanks honey … too bad that I hadn’t read this before the wedding. Was way too much going on to catch everything before …

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