Texan yogaFLIGHT with the Lululemon crowd

One of the beautiful aspects of our role as yoga instructors is the ability to extend the gift of yoga to a community of like minded souls. Lululemon offered us our very first venue of a yogaFLIGHT workshop in Calgary (Alberta, Canada), and because of this, we continue to bestow a community class to anyone interested in our unique style of partner yoga. Combining our passions for both flight and yoga was a no-brainer, excelling expansively beyond the boundaries of one’s yoga mat. So with the exuberance of exploration and playful lightheartedness, we drew a group of 22 Houstonians in to the Lululemon store for an expedited hour of joyous laughter and yogaFLIGHT. The time literally flew by! It was wonderful to see some familiar faces from last year, but a whole lot of new friends were made as well. What fuN! The rest of the evening was spent doing yogaFLIGHT with our friends Rhonda, Ralph and Sherri. So wonderful to have a home of sorts to return to when visiting the Woodlands.

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