Bull by the horns

Fear itself
Sometimes in life, you just have to grab the horns of your biggest demons and sashay through the fear, tiptoeing through the embarrassment, heat and anxiety of it all.

Today I did just that. At work, I scheduled 47 lunchtime 1 hour yoga classes at work (Karma Yoga — any donations made will be gifted to the Canadian Diabetes Association), up to July 2008. Well, I must admit that this number is a bit overwhelming and intimidating.

I recall a week ago, to be exact, the morning where I whimpered through my morning Trinity Yoga Teacher Training session, cursing the undesirable feelings of angst at not wanting to be a teacher, EVER. I was like a stumbling newborn, uncertain as to my exact place in this yogic world. A deep desire yearned within me to focus on my own self-practice. Why would I want to expand on another’s education and actually teach? To be honest, this is / was FEAR speaking. Taking the initiative to face my fears in the face and do it anyways, is not an easy task, but I will continue to forge forwards rather than drown in my apprehensive aversions. Ask me in a few weeks, once I start actually teaching, where I’m at!

*** The moment you face Fear head on, you destroy the power it has over you ***

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