Sprouting wings

The countdown is on and I have SOOOO much to do before we fly back home on Saturday. Beyond excited!

Slade googled the path that we’re hoping to travel within the 8 days … 1000 km and counting. Egads! Trying to fit in birth┬ácelebrations, family reunions, long-lost friends and a wedding is tight … someone is bound to get missed.

Yesterday, I went to a fabulous new chiropractor in an attempt to garner some clarification about the bone and muscle / tendon issues behind my shoulder difficulties. Turns out, 8+ hours a day of sitting at a desk mixed with my side sleeping and my anterior dislocation, that resulted in poor posture and shoulder joints which move freely in only one direction. I’ve LITERALLY grown wings … my scapula has developed a condition called ‘winged scapula’ and the muscles have formed a protective set structure which is out of whack with proper alignment. Because of this, my posture is not great, I have difficulty with certain strength in certain shoulder rotations, and I have much work ahead of me to build up enough strength in the muscles to pull back the encapsulating joint and the surrounding muscles that hold it in place.

I’ve always dreamed of sprouting wings, but this is a bit ridiculous!

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