So many great uses for Vinegar

Vinegar is now right up there with baking soda as indispensable, and I’ve listed the top 10 of their fantastic uses. Hope you can use these environmentally friendly solutions in your home. You CAN make a difference :).

1. Killer of Bacteria, Mold & Germs
2. Grease Cutter
3. Floor Cleaner
4. For Windows
5. Toilet Bowl Deodorizer
6. Remover of Mineral (scale) Buildup
7. Fabric Softener
8. Furniture Cleaner
9. Drain Clearer
10. Brass Cleaner

Finally, this is the ULTIMATE bathtub cleaner and so inexpensive! Not only is it cheap but it works wonders, on even the toughest grime. I discovered this myself (after finding out the joys of using peroxide and vinegar in cleaning)!

Fill one spray bottle with peroxide, a separate bottle with vinegar. Spray your tub with both and then sprinkle with baking soda. Works better than ANY bathtub cleaner that I’ve ever used …. and the peace of mind it gives me when I take a bath afterwards is priceless!

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