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People have important things to communicate. Speaking from your heart allows the emotionally difficult, the ordinary, and the wonderful things in our lives to be communicated and received.
— David McArthur and Bruce McArthur, The Intelligent Heart

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  1. A very important day for an awesome gal!

    Mornin’, sKY.

    Just wanted to pop by and say “hi” and “Happy Birthday!!!” ….. I believe I have the date correct, n’est ce pas??

    Hope all is well with you and your man …. from reading your journal, it sounds like you’re doing well in Calgary …. great place! Among the foothills, enjoying the benefits of both chinook and winter fun, you’ll have lots to keep you and sLade busy, heh??

    Take care …..

    1. Re: A very important day for an awesome gal!

      Thanks Kit! Am doing really well in Cowtown. So much to do, so many options. But enjoying the life whether quiet and still, or busy and active.
      Interesting username. No posts??
      Thanks for writing!

      1. The origins of Vooff

        Hi sKY.

        Great to hear all is going well.
        Saw the photos of your birthday on your journal —- as usual, you surround yourself with good people…. I’m really happy for you.

        No Vooff posts so far …. I’ve been keeping busy this summer and not too much of it has been on the computer, so I don’t have a lot of extra time to sit down and post!
        And ….. Vooff is the name of my little Dutch dog (not a REAL dog, but a very lovely stuffed Beagle-type plush dog). Since he’s Dutch, his bark is accented, of course, hence his name!

        And….. when I set up my LiveJournal account, that’s the name I decided on, ’cause it’s so much fun.

        Anyway, not much time to sit and write at the moment …. take care of yourself …. hope all your wishes and dreams continue to present themselves and you live out the life you’re designing for yourself and sLade.

        Until next time,

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