projecT 366

I’ve been needing a cre8tive zap in the butt … and I think that I’ve actually found something! Although it requires a HUGE commitment on my part, this is exactly what I’ve been longing and searching for ….

My cre8tive commitment for 2008 … posting pictures (hosted by flickr) that I’ve taken of: anything, anywhere along my journey in life, just as long as I upload a digital image for each of the 366 days, counting from the first day I started (that being today, January 15, 2008). The rules state that my pictures don’t have to be taken on the day that I post them (whoO!), but rather, the photo should represent that day of the image posting.

Today is a day of burgeoning cre8tivity … and my beginning photo is ‘sKY flying amidst the clouds’ — this represents one of the themes for my portfolio and cre8tive outlet / outlook, thuS symbolizing

You can follow my journey here at: I’m hoping to directly blog each and every day as well.

sKY flying

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