Life as we know it

Interesting how this cycle that we call life is a wheel which we are slowly wearing thin. Is it truly endless? One wonders with global warming.
Just my ranting thoughts ….

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  1. Global Warming…

    I really don’t believe that the human beings living on Earth are in any ‘major’ way hurting the planet itself. I think it’s sad that we deposit so many terrible chemicals into the planets ‘blood’ (water) and that we kill so many ecological dependant species because of these actions…
    …but as far as a planetary affect…we barely scratch the surface.
    I went on that rant to say that this spherical shaped rock that we call home, hurtling through space at crazy speeds is on a course of it’s own! I believe that it regenerates itself and that we cause no threat to it’s awesome powers of reclaimation.

    Global warming is nothing to worry about, the next ice-age though…well, the length of time it will take to completely melt the polar icecaps or for the next ice-age to come around is all dependant on the planet’s own evolutionary cycle. There is nothing we can do to stop or slow or change what is going to happen!

    I think the human race will be lucky to be around to worry about any such issues that may plaque the planet. We are but a moment in the history of this world.

    Ok, I’m done 🙂

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