A Typical Day in San Pedro, Belize

A perfect day: Relax. Decompress. Forget about the real world. Take a lazy walk through town. Relax some more by the pool (or in a vacant shaded hammock), slathered in sunscreen, topped off with my breezy colourful hat and a fantastically entertaining book. Seeing the skydivers with huge grins across their faces disembark from the water taxi, I would hop in to the powerful ocean boat (i.e. the skydiver’s water taxi is a 5 minute carefree ride of pure undiluted bliss with the sun beating down, the ocean air flapping through my hair and a smile as big as the all the waters gracing my face) for a quick excursion to the landing area just north of the bridge. There I would check out the wind to see if it had died down at all. Still too windy for my liking. Time for a fresh squeezed fruit rum punch followed by another quick dip in the freshwater pool.

A trip to DandE’s for frozen custard ice cream and sorbet (divine perfection) as a refreshing treat BEFORE dinner. Devouring a shrimp and scallop burrito (best burrito EVER) at Waraguma chased with a succulent Seafood Ceviche = heavenly. A slow full-moon saunter with my husband down the beach returning to our hotel, the warm Caribbean air caressing our bodies, preparing us for the best nights rest in ages. Gloriously sublime.

Note: Waraguma is a hole in the wall middle street restaurant that MUST NOT be missed. The burritos are HUGE and simply divine — it came highly recommended to us by Rich and Christine, and is a very special dinner spot. In the evening there is always a woman making papusas (a cross between a pancake and quesadilla, filled with fish, beef, chicken, spinach, cheese, beans, shrimp, conch or lobster – when in season) on the street. However, buyer beware. The menu prices are not posted — best to check the price before ordering; it made me curious as to whether there were two sets of prices: one that varies for tourists and one for locals. The food across the road at the Papuseria is almost as good and seems to be 1/3rd cheaper.

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