Not the same without my Auntie

Thanksgiving celebrations just aren’t the same when a family member is missing due to ill-health. My Aunt Doris fell and fractured her pelvis in several places last week and is confined to a hospital bed for the next few weeks. Her partner Craig was there but Dorey’s celebratory spirit was sorely missed …..

It was a huge gathering at the Arden Park hotel’s Sunday buffet. SlaDE~ accompanied Ed and Heather (he was kitty-sitting yesterday and sacrificed his time in order for me to go home), completing to full tables of family and friends who we were thankful to have in our lives. Of course Sylvia, Michelle and Brian are like family to all of us, as is Ed, a regular feature at our household special events. We numbered 20 in total, but both my siblings, PJ and Lindsey, were dearly missed, as was my lovely Aunt.

A return to the homestead was in order for 1/3rd of us, where we ate even MORE food (unbelievable after the feast we just had) and played MORE charades.

What was really cool was the lesson Aaron gave to me and slaDE~ in showing us how she throws her ropes over the numerous trees pruned and felled (she’s an Arborist). I gave a feeble attempt at throwing and truly surprised myself my unusual lack of coordination :). And of course, slaDE~ was a natural star in accomplishing the pitch with ease and accuracy. Quite enjoyable really … A very fulfilling and enjoyable family weekend.

{2 in a row … wow, I AM truly blessed!!!)

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