If the mango trees could talk as much as I do on my cellular!

Saw a movie called “If the mango trees could talk” or something along that lines. It was a 1 hr documentary (Canadian-made!) telling the story of the Guatemalan Armed Conflict from the eyes of 10 children, deeply affected by the Civil War, who are scattered throughout different Guatemalan regions. What continues to haunt me is one story told by a 12 year old boy (at the time of the War and only 4 foot tall!) who was one of the armed Guerrillas, touting a rifle and machete at the same young age as my nephew!

I had quite a shock after dinner when I attempted to send a text message on my cellular. Seems that my fears of not being able to spend 100 QZ in the 15 days of phone card expiry were highly suspect and mislaid. In trying to place a call from the keys of my phone, I was abruptly told that my funds were insufficient for this service. Wow! Boy was I wrong in thinking that calls to foreign countries were inexpensive …. I made a 12 minute call to the UK and sent several text messages and somehow managed to spend the entire sum in less than 24 hours! Rather than the 1 qz that I was told it would cost to call the UK, I’m now told by experienced European phone subscribers that it’s more like $1.50US a minute! Ack! Wish I had done a bit more research before going hog wild … Good thing it’s a pay-as-you-go service or I’d be scuppered at the end of the month upon receiving an invoice! Live and learn 🙂 … my new toy is more costly than I had hoped. Yet still I marvel at its convenience and enjoy the ability to call / text my loved ones back home out of the blue when they least expect it!

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