Folk Festival Inspired

Folk Buddies at the CFMFWhat a FABULOUS weekend. 16 hours spread out of over 4 days of volunteering, in return for the ultimate in enjoyable volunteering pleasure + excellent healthy (often) organic food + immaculate HOT weather + meeting new-to-me artists of incredible talent = the Calgary Folk Music Festival. Folk you say? Well, in my own opinion, to label the artists that performed here as liberally or generally Folk would be a disservice. The artists crossed all boundaries of musical genres, from Pop to Rap to Reggae to Blues to Country to Bluegrass to Folk. And beyond. Any and all expectations. Exceeded. Multi-dimensional. Beautiful workshops of collaborative and spontaneous inspiration. Now that’s what I call musically inclined and inspired to the max. I still shiver at the excellent and brilliant meetings of spirit, soul and music. Lovemaking in the purest form.

New-to-me artists that totally changed my world and expanded my musical tastings? Harriston-born Estheros, Emily Wells, finger banging Chad Van Gaalen, Pacifika, Arrested Development, Steven Page (former lead singer and founder of the Bare Naked Ladies), Mirah, Iron and Wine and Luluc. Just to name a few. Wow. Glad I pushed the envelope of my schedule and busy-ness. It was indeed worth the investment of time and energy. New friends, enchanted surprise rendezvouses and spontaneous eruption of dance and song (on my part!). Check the artists out if you get the chance. They may rawk your world as well.


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