Family frolicking in the fun of festivities

It’s that time of year again … Time to get together early for Christmas because sKY is ready to go off on another winter adventure (usually into the warmth and sun somewhere in this world). However, this year is a bit different …. A few important factors have changed. Both Aaron, my sister, and David, my brother-in-law were unable to join slaDE, Blue, Forrester and myself. It definitely feels rather disjointed, but knowing that I’d see my younger sister next weekend was comforting.

This year, slaDE is a HUGE part of my plans for travel … My partner-in-life has equal billing in our decision to head west to the co-co-cold reaches of Calgary. Why did we opt for a chilly recluse rather than a luxurious retreat away? The money is the drawing factor … How can one turn down the opportunity for earning mass sums in a short span of time, which in turn will fund the beginnings of our dream life? That would be purchasing a truck and a travel trailer to journey the ends of this earth, skydiving and exploring our exciting nomadic lifestyle.

Back to the Christmas gathering … It was a lovely afternoon spent exchanging gifts in tucked away restaurant in Hanover with my Father making our little group complete (as it would be, that is). I loved my gifting idea of printing mass quantities of various photos for each member of our family from the last year, as well as burning a documentary disc for their perusal through the past.

A game of hackey in the Canadian Tire parking lot finished off our evening, before departing on our own way, slaDE and I readying ourselves mentally and physically for the big adventure and journey ahead of us.

Oh yes, Desperate Housewives was a repeat. Bah humbug ….

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