Exploring Manteo

Roanoke Island is not really an Outer Bank, but rather an island that connects the mainland of North Carolina to the Outer Banks. It is considered one of the most historically significant places in America as “the first actual colony was on Roanoke Island, settled by a group of people sent off to the Americas by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1587, and commanded by naturalist John White”.

The waterfront is filled with lanky sailboats, lovely artist galleries, an abundant selection of seafood restaurants, a Maritime Museum, the Roanoke Marshes lighthouse (replica), and a marketplace with many varietal stores. With it being the low season, many of the vendors are closed along the entire Outer Banks; however, during the summer fiesta of Outer Banks Tourism (i.e. complete and utter consumeristic chaos), Manteo comes to life with sailboats and travellers alike.

We highly recommend Stripers Bar & Grille for their Lobster Bisque and Raw Ahi Tuna cold Thai salad. DELECTABLY delicious!

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