Earth Day revisited

forgivenessYesterday was such a beautiful day to bless, protect and respect our Mother Earth!
Initially slaDE and I had hoped to either plant a tree or pick up garbage, but with 10 cm of recent fallen snow hampering those efforts, I felt the need to contribute in another way … so at work, I simply offered to add anybody’s composting efforts to our own. I placed a simple small bowl for the floors contribution in our big kitchen, and I found that by midday, my bowl runneth over! Swiftly another container was gleefully put in place. I am happy to say that my work composting experiment is a necessity that I am thrilled to provide, especially for those who wish to honour Mother Earth, in their own little way.
Small baby steps, one tea bag at a time ….

My friend Bill gifted me with this heartwarming story about his friend in Mexico, where he is currently residing. I hope you enjoy the fruits of Maria’s labour!
And to think that Maria was the recipient of such a gift, on Earth Day, no less, is symbolical to me of the hope, goodness and potential that shines in each one of us.

When Marie came to Mexico over 15 years ago, she brought a Honda rototiller with her that she had used for seven years in Canada. I can remember even back then wondering how much more abuse it would take, but it just kept on churning up the ground year after year. Well, last year it got tired and stopped and Marie had to convert to a horse and plough.

bless Mother earthHowever, this isn’t the end of the story. Marie wrote to Honda and described how faithful the rototiller had been and the good work that it had done in contributing to the success of teaching organic farming to the Mexicans. She ended her letter with a request that Honda replace the old rototiller with a new one.

Yesterday, Marie received a brand new rototiller from Honda. Honda was very prompt in responding to Marie’s request but bureaucracy and red tape caused the lapse in having it delivered.

So Marie is the proud owner of a brand new Honda rototiller, and a bigger model than she had before. I don’t think I have to paint any picture of the delight and pleasure, and the productivity that this new replacement is going to provide.

I guess there is someone in Honda’s management that is thinking beyond being a bean counter and looking for profits.

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