Bone tired

The last few days have been so incredibly busy. Part of transitioning into a full-timers’ lifestyle is making sure that our new home is clean and comfy. Basically, we’re starting from scratch and we want to make sure that the mice which visited our Airstream trailer this past winter are completely gone and forgotten. Hence, the rental of a carpet and upholstery cleaner.

12 litres of vinegar + 14 litres of water + hundreds of drops of essential oils (orange, lemon, lavender and tea tree) = 1 disinfected and sparkling clean 1991 Airstream + 26 cushions (bed and couch, believe it or not) + 1 1994 Mercury Cougar (our current car :)) + 1 2004 Dodge pickup + 1 International big truck (for good measure).

So very tired, but at least I smell good and clean :). We’re that much closer to living in our new home. YaY!

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