Ashram life

IYI gardenBeautiful LilyFor the third day in a row, we’ve managed to miss our 6am morning meditation because we overslept the alarm on our new cell phone. Perhaps we are so used to slaDE~s other cell alarm (5 years of consistent 4 snooze breaks before departure from bed) that we’re unable (or unconsciously unwilling?) to adapt to this new gadget’s waking methodology. Tomorrow I’m using my watch as a backup, as that will be our last morning opportunity for meditation in the Temple with Sanskrit chanting and auspicious reflection. At 6:15am, I bolted out of bed, but interrupting a meditation session 15 minutes late is not kosher, and I stumbled back to bed to dream bizarre dreams about my Grandparents home and life on the farm. For me to remember a dream 12 hours after strange and unusual. Waking to an alarm seems so foreign on this Airstream journey. To wake up naturally is divine and a necessity in my books.

I thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon wedding in the garden. Such a peaceful and beautiful sanctuary. Mother Earth grounds me beyond any other phenomenon in my world. I will forever be the tree hugging sort it seems!

Not the bodyMore yogaFLIGHT with new friends and an amazing Laughter Yoga class topped the end of our stay with finesse and beauty. The key to true happiness? Laugh, laugh, laugh often. Throw in the spice of love, daily body inversions and bountiful sleep and nourishment, and eternal youth is your answer.

Did you know that it’s a “scientific fact that the body cannot differentiate between fake and real laughter. One gets the same physiological and psychological benefits.” Fascinating! Dee our instructor told us that children laugh up to 300 times per day. As an adult, we average 15 times per day. What’s happening between our youth and adulthood? Time to take life less seriously and look to laugh until we split our seams. Who cares about laugh lines. I’d rather be healthy, happy and radiant with laughter than worried by the obscure egotism of mouth wrinkles. Why not wear my life story on my face …. the mark of a life well lived!

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