Texas bound 2011

Checkout time from the RV Resort was at 11am, sharp. So trying to make the most of our time in New Orleans, we hopped on our bikes to catch some final last photographs — the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1. The tombstones and crypts in this fascinating and historically significant cemetery created a photographer’s dream canvas to this incredibly diverse Louisiana city.

Another prolonged day of driving on the road. For us, 6 hours of driving could extend itself to a road trip of anywhere between 7-10 hours dependant on the length of our stops (fuel, food, bathroom and tourist), and that makes for an extra long day. So interesting pitstops along the way make an extended day of sitting in an affixed position go faster. Two places worth mentioning:

  1. The Welcome Centre on the eastern border has a really interesting educational boardwalk through the Bayou with amazing historical and educational placards. It was incredible to witness this piece of sanctuary in the middle of the I-10 freeway bypass;
  2. Beaumont Texas is home to the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant (and as is tradition with slaDE~ and myself, we MUST stop at every LARGEST ever tourist trap to grab the mandatory picture).

Oh how I love taking pictures! At times, keeping up with my blog is more about trying to decide which pictures to include (which includes editing and selection of the best). I hope you enjoy my photographic eye as much as I try to capture the moment by moment journal of our Airstream dreams.

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