September 2020
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Excess Baggage

MAC electronics

Now that my husband and I have made firm plans on a trip to Spain (we leave in under a week!), I am debating what to travel with on our 9 week trek to Europe. I’m trying to travel as light as possible, which is quite challenging when trying to factor in such electronics as […]

A Quick Retreat from Winter

Christmas morning, and barely a sprinkling of snow. I suppose you could call it a white Christmas per se (here in the snowbelt area of Teeswater anyway; not-so-much in other areas around SW Ontario), but I’m thinking that there are a quite a few Canadian children who are disappointed by the barren dry grassy plains […]

Meralgia Paresthetica

Say what? Now that’s a mouthful, Meralgia Paresthetica. This is a medical term for a condition that I am currently suffering from. As the Mayo Clinic has defined, “Meralgia paresthetica is a condition characterized by tingling, numbness and burning pain in the outer part of your thigh. The condition is caused by compression of the […]

Photoshop nerd-I-Am

Oh happy day!

I am such a happy happy gurl today … At work, I finally had the program installed on my computer that I’ve been waiting a month for. The new Adobe Photoshop CS3. Yipppppeeeeee!

It’s really quite cool. PS CS3 has some rather wonderful and useful shortcuts that the other versions don’t have. I actually […]

Frontpage you say?

For you techies out there who might be wondering why a proficient Dreamweaver user like myself would want to learn the functions of a mediocre program like Frontpage (the fact that it’s a Microsoft product already has me reeling), here’s the scoop.

Part of my new job description with the Health Region is as their […]

today I ….

– took an Advanced training course in Frontpage with CTC TrainCanada (paid through work) and found myself disappointed with the instruction, but especially discontent with the WYSIWYG editor itself – discovered Facebook (and reacquainted myself with some old friends and relatives) – had a fulfilling yoga practice with a marvelous steam session to follow – […]