September 2020
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A Quick Retreat from Winter

Christmas morning, and barely a sprinkling of snow. I suppose you could call it a white Christmas per se (here in the snowbelt area of Teeswater anyway; not-so-much in other areas around SW Ontario), but I’m thinking that there are a quite a few Canadian children who are disappointed by the barren dry grassy plains […]

Fashionista, I Am Not

Funny thing happened in our temporary transition from Airstream life to apartment nomads …. I forgot a few significant props so necessary for participating in the plethora of Christmas parties available to us this season. I neglected to bring along dress shoes for the lovely skirts and pants outfits I diligently transported at the beginning […]

20 Years, a Skydiver in the Making

‎20 years ago today, October 6, 1991, I took a leap of faith that changed my life forever. I became a skyDiva ~ skydiver. The bravest step I ever took in overcoming my fear of heights was pretty huge, and to this day, at times my ‘Acrophobia‘ is still somewhat a hurdle with each and […]

Surrounded By Love, Remembering That I Am Not Alone

I found myself fully awake as slaDE made preparations to go to the dropzone to jump this weekend. I’m used to (sort of) my husband’s early morning departures during the week where he quietly readies himself for work at 5am. And if I’m ever-so-lucky, I can remember his sweet gentle kisses in the sleepy haze […]

Last Day at the CNE

Yay, my last work shift at the Canadian National Exhibition! It’s been an interesting process of getting back in to a ‘working mode’ with a steady schedule of long days, responsible to an entity other than myself. It’s been fun pitching the passion that I have for skydiving, working as […]

A Raft and Night Jump Extraordinaire

A superb day in the history of our jumps together. What a way to kick off the weekend! slaDE and I made our way to Parachute School of Toronto for an evening visit with our friend Minna. PST happened to be holding night jumps this evening. Although slaDE was extremely excited at the prospect of […]

Wedded Bliss

I love long weekend weddings especially when it involves good friends who happen to be skydiving playfellows! Brian and Carissa Bell had an incredibly beautiful day with the impending bad weather holding off until after the ceremony (how blessed was that??!). The wedding itself was beautiful and memorable. The bride was shining in her happiness, […]

Tandem a-gO-gO

slaDE has happily found a dropzone to work at for the summer. His goal, first and foremost, teach people how to fly, and secondly, earn some money throwing drogues. Layman speak: taking people for a tandem skydive. With the Sigma Tandem System that Skydive Toronto uses, slaDE must maintain a certain currency since his previous […]

Nouvel Air

Before the mad rush of an intense day of travel towards Sudbury, slaDE and I decided to spend the day unwinding and enjoying the delights of Nouvel Air (a dropzone 1 hour south of Montreal). Our friend and host Michel Lemay treated us to a late evening last night of conversation. But we were knackered […]

Day 6 of Mission 100

Without having built a record as hoped for yesterday, we were on the field at 6:30am with full gear, anticipating at least 3 jumps this morning. Unfortunately, the Sherpa pilot needed to be back in Illinois by mid-afternoon, meaning we had a small window to skydive, with 12 noon being our deadline. The first jump […]