Week 7 Project Theme — ‘My Walk to Work’

elements of Mission
With the Flickr admins falling behind in their definition of project themes AGAIN (no pressure, no pressure), I’ve again taken it on myself to find a theme for this week. Hence, feeling playful and inspired, I’ve decided to extend the joy that I find in my walk to work, through the Mission District. 🙂
This theme is tougher than I thought …. narrowing down the number of special moments will be difficult, with natures varying moods and dimensions flavouring my background shots, dependent on the route that I take.

I have several different ways to navigate my stroll (or run!) to work. Usually I find the path of least resistance, as I’m customarily running late with my 8am start. My favourite, of course, is rambling through the park, via the Talisman, over the bridge and along the bicycle route. This extends my trip however, from 6 to 14 minutes (of course subject to the number of times I stop to smell the roses, enjoy the view and capture the moment).

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