Truly, Madly, Deeply

True BloodHave you ever found yourself sucked in by something that took you totally by surprise? When I was a teenage, I devoured every Stephen King and John Saul book that I could find. I loved the horror genre with tales of terror, mayhem and the supernatural. I also loved anything fantasy based that weaved a world so beyond the grasp of reality whilst inspiring a child-like wonder … Marion Zimmer Bradley (I read the Mists of Avalon twice), Tolkien, Anne Rice, Terry Brooks, time travel escapades in any form: pure unadulterated escapism.

But there came a switch when I went to University. Any reading that I tackled had to do with Law & Psychology. I lost my edge and my passion, entangled by the adult world of real life mystery and twisted haunted realities. I basically grew up. And then my tastes in literary content swung a complete 180. Documentaries, non-fiction, reality based life stories kept me fascinated and grounded. Perhaps all the years of psychology studies wielded a new profound meaning that added depth beyond the fantastical and imaginary. It was perhaps the time to grow up and realize that LIFE beyond my imagination was physically real, painful and often not-so-magical and ethereal. The time for escapism within the written word had exploded into my need for exploration beyond flight and fancy. The first step in truly growing up and developing my burgeoning wings with the hard knocks of life.

And then another switch occurred, less tangible in time or sense …. anything that exuded violence or blood or spawning pain triggered a reaction of withdrawal within me. I couldn’t read, watch or hear about the induction of brutality or savage human cruelty, especially if it involved bloodshed or guns. I’m not quite certain when that sensitivity to such genre emerged. Even knowing that violence in any form may be fictional or reality based, I to this day sequester my senses to a tamer more peaceable pacifist reality based form of thinking. Perhaps that is why I lean towards a yogic way of life, that which seeks peace and harmony in my daily existence.

Back to the reason why I started this banter … today I was introduced to something very out-of-character to my viewing and literary senses. It’s filled with violence, blood and carnage. And surprisingly, I am madly in love with the series of ‘True Blood’. I was loaned the Season 1 dvd set, and for the first two episodes, I was riveted to the screen, unexpectedly drawn to the ferocity and the explicit gory and raw sexuality. I’m hooked! And can’t wait to get through all 3 seasons.

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