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Aromatherapy Summer Recipe: Body Care

Recipe #3 of the Mountain Rose Herbs Recipe Contest

Body Care ~ Blossoming Orange Hair Cleansing Rinse


I’ve got pretty fine hair, and I find that some shampoos can leave my hair feeling weighted or flyaway, dependant on many factors. So I came up with a wonderful smelling hair rinse that helps to stimulate and cleanse the hair ~ scalp, especially if I’m finding it greasy and unmanageable. The only warning: don’t let this hair rinse get in your eyes. It sure stings s lot!


For a 100ml bottle of hair rinse, which will give you about 5 hair washes ~

  • 20 ml Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 40 ml Orange Flower Water (if you are having difficulty finding this, look at an Indian food market)
  • 40 ml Spring Water
  • 12 drops Petitgrain Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Bergamot Essential Oil

Combine all the ingredients and shake well before each use. Use on freshly shampooed and conditioned hair, leaving the cleansing rinse on for a few minutes. Wash out with with cool or tepid water.

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