Sowing in the garden MMC

Reap What You Sew

reap what you sewSowing in the garden MMCI’m not certain when it happened but I have always loved to sew. Perhaps I developed the love in high school home economics? Not really certain, but what I do know is that, if I ever have access to a sewing machine (not very often with travelling so much), I find a project or two or four to work on. Today was such a day. Several weeks ago, I found 2 pairs of yoga pants in the ‘Free Box’ outside of our Community Building. It’s a really cool feature here at the Center with often times really cool finds and discoveries. The pants I stumbled upon were way too big but I made do by using elastic bands at the waist to cinch them up. I was tired of the bands bulking up everything I wore so I discovered a sewing machine here in the Costume Department. Giraji, the owner of said machine, was generous to offer it to me at any time that I sew chose. Very cool! For 3 hours I spent cutting and sewing (I even tightened up my favourite old pair of Lululemon pants which meant cutting them after my mending job — eek!), getting lost in my projects and almost missing dinner. Prior to that I went for an amazing hour walk getting lost in the Redwood Forest followed by a haunt through the garden in search of some lovely flowers. What an amazingly creative and beautiful day. One of my best here on the property yet!

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