Olympic Oval

Tonight was our night to skate at the Olympic Oval. We made an attempt first to pick up a freecycle ADSL modem that had been up for grabs, in the northern reaches of the city (ie FAR away), but the freecycle Lady forgot to put the components inside the box …. our first disappointment. Next we drove to the west of the city (even FURTHER away) to go skating, but found at, after parking in a paid lot, that tonight was one of the exceptions for when there was NO ice time available to the public = disappointment #2. Okay, so maybe we missed yoga in lieu of running about the city, for no apparent reason, but we made the most of our ‘extra’ time and went shopping for a new digital camera.

Canon A710 ISFirst stop, Future Shop = disappointment #3. They had crappy service, unhappy staff, untidy shelves, disorganized aisles and just an inadequate experience on the whole. But rather than give up, on our night of frustration, we headed next door and browsed through the Best Buy store. Night and day between purchasing encounters … here we found our camera, on sale with a level of quality to the escapade that we didn’t find in FS. In the end, after much browsing and testing, we opted for the Canon A710.

Makes me ill, when I think of all the different digital cameras that I’ve had, and with each, a different brand of memory stick. Why on earth can’t they all get along, come together and combine their technology? Make it easier for the spend-thrift and klutzy (I’ve gone through 3 cameras!) consumer that I am where I don’t have to waste money on another Company’s proprietary hardware [RANT – Sony vs Nikon vs Canon = all different memory sticks]. Sony especially … Beta Max vs VHS, BluRay vs HD, MemoryStick Pro vs SD vs …. Come on guys, get your acts together. Get with the program! Treat your irreverent customers with respect and loyalty. 😉 Give us a break!

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