Newly Designed yogaFLIGHT

Our yogaFLIGHT.com website goes live today! Wow, the anticipation of such a huge change in format is exhilarating. Perhaps the adrenaline keeps me awake as I forge my way towards finishing the self-imposed deadline. It only seemed fitting and necessary that we launch our website before the Lululemon campaign arrives this Thursday. I’m just as excited about the process as the end destination. And truly, is it really the ‘finale’? I dare say not … an exciting new future awaits us, as potential new avenues and markets open up to our brand of partner yoga.

And as I test and retest in between creating new photo galleries, sleep is beckoning me to the futon, but I have a target in sight, and I must continue to carry forward as best as I can. Of all people, I certainly know that once a website is rolled out for the whole world to investigate, the work is never truly done. Always room for improvement, upgrades, new info and finessing. Onwards I forge!!

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